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Terms & Conditions

Key Elements of Our Terms & Conditions

At Dreamers wellness, we take legal compliance seriously. Our Terms & Conditions are designed to establish the rules and guidelines for the legal relationship between our website and its visitors or customers. It is crucial to understand and abide by these terms when engaging with our platform. However, please note that the information provided on this page is for general guidance purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional legal advice tailored to your specific business needs. We strongly recommend seeking legal counsel to ensure your compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Terms & Conditions - the basics

Our Terms & Conditions cover a wide range of essential aspects, including user eligibility, payment methods, modification of services, warranties, intellectual property rights, account suspension or termination, and more. These terms are vital for protecting both our business and our valued customers. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of our Terms & Conditions and their significance, we encourage you to explore our detailed guide on 'Creating a Robust Terms and Conditions Policy'.

What to include in the T&C document

Generally speaking, T&C often address these types of issues: Who is allowed to use the website; the possible payment methods; a declaration that the website owner may change his or her offering in the future; the types of warranties the website owner gives his or her customers; a reference to issues of intellectual property or copyrights, where relevant; the website owner’s right to suspend or cancel a member’s account; and much, much more. 


To learn more about this, check out our article “Creating a Terms and Conditions Policy”.

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